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Are you facing the problem of data analysis? Do you want to visualize your data in an understandable format? You don’t need to be worried because you have come to the perfect place. Here you’ll find a solution to your problem about visualization of your data with a powerful tool. Data analysis is very important because humans understand things visually in descriptive form. Therefore, Tableau made it easy for you to analyze data simplest format. Let’s know further!

What Is Tableau?

Tableau is the fastest developing software used to analyze or simplify raw data in evident format. Business Intelligence Industry uses this tool for data visualization, data blending, and data collaboration. No doubt, It is the best choice for professionals and non-technical users to create data in the form of worksheets and dashboards.

How Does Tableau Work?

Tableau first connects and extracts the data from any platform from simplest like pdf, excel, to complex one as Oracle, Amazon web services, etc. This pulled data is extracted to Tableau Desktop, where data analysts work with data and develop data visualization. Data can also be published to a tableau server where data collaboration, governance, distribution, security model, and data automation occur. After that, created dashboards, worksheets, or reports are shared with users who view files through Tableau Reader.

Features Of Tableau Software

The most interesting features of Tableau are as follows;

1. Developer Tool

This tool is used to create or develop data such as dashboards, reports, worksheets, and data visualization. The tableau products that are developed in developing tools include Tableau desktop and Tableau public.

2. Sharing Tool

This tool is used to share data using developer tools such as sharing reports, visualization, and dashboards. And tableau products, including Tableau Online, Server, and Reader, fall under this category.

These are two ways for data analytics in the Tableau tool, but other interesting features are available in it. Let’s explore!

  • Tableau dashboard
  • Advanced-Data Visualization
  • Data collaboration and sharing
  • Live and in-memory data
  • Licensing Views
  • Mobile View
  • Revision History

Data visualization is the best feature among all these above features. Besides, it can analyze data very quickly with limitless visual analytics. Anyone with zero programming skill can create dashboards those actionable insights and pushes business forward.

Tableau Products

Take a look at Tableau Products one by one!

1. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is used to code and customize reports and charts and blend them to create a dashboard. In the case of live data analysis, it provides connectivity to the data warehouse and other files. At the and, you can share these files locally or publically.

2. Tableau Public

This version builds for those who want to share their data with the public. Because worksheets or dashboards created in it are not saved locally, they are saved to the cloud publicly. As a result, anyone can see and download this data.

3. Tableau Server

Data Analysis

If you want to share your data, worksheets, or dashboards with licensed users, you have to upload this data to the server. After that, it will be accessible for licensed users, but they don’t need to install tableau software to access data. Instead, he just needs to log in and can access it through the web browser.

4. Tableau Online

Tableau online is similar to the Tableau server but it stores data on a server hosted in the cloud, which the Tableau group conserves. One interesting thing about Tableau online is that there’s no limit to storage; instead, it can create a direct link to over 40 data sources.

5. Tableau Reader

Tableau reader is essential to view documents, worksheets by licensed users. If you have shared data worksheets and reports with anyone, he will need to install a tableau reader to view your sent file. Keep in mind that this version is not secure because anyone can filter out data but can’t edit.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we highly recommend all business organizations to use Tableau software for analyzing data.  Because it’s the best choice for everyone that gives excellent results as soon as possible, you must know the importance and efficiency of Tableau software after reading the whole article. Try this software and have great experience in data visualization.

Tags: Tableau Software | What Is Tableau | Data Analysis | Tableau Tutorial | Data Visualisation | Tableau Certification | Tableau Interview Questions | Tableau Certification | Tableau Tutorial

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