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What is SMS Bomber?

SMS Bomber / SMS Blast is a tool or app through which you can do SMS bombing on your friend’s mobile number. In SMS Bombing your target will receive numbers of messages or calls continuously by bots. Using SMS Bomber is safe only if you use it for prank with your friends but not for revenge purposes and plz don’t please don’t do SMS Bombing on any strange person. In this tutorials you’ll learn SMS Bombing by do different methods SMS Bomber Github / TBomb and Android App BOMBitUP.


If you want to install and use TBomb in Termux then make sure you fulfill the requirements.

  • Android Device
  • Installed Termux
  • Internet Connection
  • Victim’s Phone Number

TBomb Installation

For installing TBomb in Termux through github you need to follow below mentioned steps carefully. Just copy below mentioned command and paste it in Termux one-by-one. Using TBomb you can also do Call Bombing.

Now open Termux and copy the below commands and paste it in Termux one-by-one carefully. If Termux show Do you want to continue? y/n after using any command then simply press y and hit Enter.

pkg install git

pkg install python

git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git

cd TBomb

chmod +x TBomb.sh


Done! TBomb is Successfully Installed on your Termux

TBomb SMS Bomber Installation
You’ll see this type of interface after installing TBomb / sms bomber github

SMS Bombing Through BOMBitUP

BOMBitUP is a SMS Bombing / SMS Blast android app. BOMBitUP is an Free and easy to use android app with lots of features. It also support Email Bombing. You can also protect your phone number from SMS or Call Bombing through BOMBitUP. It is legal app you can use it without VPN but make sure you use it only with your friends. You can install BOMBitUP Apk in your Android Devices from below link.

Install BOMBitUP :- https://bit.ly/3kBPbl0

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Note :- This is Only For Educational Purposes. We aren’t supporting any Illegal Hacking and we’re not responsible for any Illegal Activities.

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