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MySQL Tutorials – Have you ever think when we enter our data on any website like login, signup, or any other data then how and where our data stored, what is the process of storing data in database. This process is come under back-end development where website developer use SQL and PHP to attach the website with the MySQL Database.

What is Database ?

Before start learning SQL, understanding database is very important because SQL is used for DBMS(database management system). Collection of data that stored in a organised form and that can be accessed and managed easily is called database.

What is MySQL ?

MySQL is stands for structured query language. It is a fully managed database and open-source relational database management system. MySQL is originally developed by Michael Widenius and David Axmark in 1994 but in January 2008, Oracle bought MySQL and now Oracle is the owner of MySQL. MySQL is written in C and C++ programming language and it supports almost all platform like Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. If your want to run MySQL in your computer then you need to download server named WampServer or Xampp.

Characteristics of MySQL

SQL, MySQL Tutorials

Free :-

The best of MySQL is ,that it free to use you can download MySQL from its official site for free. You can learn it easily by watching MySQL Tutorials that is given below.

Easy to Use :-

If you think MySQL is hard to learn like other programming languages then your are wrong because MySQL is very easy to learn .Syntax of MySQL is very easy, its same as your write English.

Portability :-

MySQL can works on different platforms like MacOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

GUI Support :-

MySQL also support GUI you can also works on MySQL through GUI instead of typing MySQL statement. For this you need to download MySQL Workbench .

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