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Microsoft Office is an office package produced by Microsoft, which includes many programs that deal with office matters, such as: Word text editing program, PowerPoint presentations program, Excel for lists and spreadsheets (Excel) Access database program, Microsoft Outlook e-mail management program, and others.

Microsoft Package Releases

There are a number of versions for (Microsoft Office) programs, the first version was (Office 97), then (Office 2000), then (Office 2003), then (Office 2007), then (Office 2010), then (Office 2016). The most recent version so far is (Office 2019).

The features of Office versions

Microsoft Office programs enable you to create great-looking content quickly and easily. Here are some of the features available in these programs:

1. Notification of spelling and grammatical errors, as it contains a spelling and grammar checker, which helps the user to avoid such errors easily.

2. A large variety of new charts, graphs, 3D shapes, various backgrounds, shadows and other beautiful layouts are available.

3. Tabs (lists) that contain tasks are available in an organized and clear manner.

4. Divide the tasks in each tab into sub-tasks that are appropriately grouped.

5. Small file size; In order not to book a place in the device’s memory in vain.

6. The ability to export all Microsoft Office files to (PDF) files or other formats; This helps avoid losing business if the business is closed unexpectedly.

7. Reducing the time and effort expended on coordination.

8. Easily manage e-mail through (Outlook).

Various Microsoft Office file extensions

Each Windows system file has its own extension, which shows us the file type and shows the program that can deal with it. For example:

    The Microsoft Word document extension is (Docx).

    (Microsoft PowerPoint) files extension (pptx).

    The extension for (Microsoft Excel) files is (xlsx).

The Microsoft Access program files extension is (.accdb).

    These extensions are all for (Microsoft Office) programs from the versions that follow the release of (Microsoft Office 2003), i.e. the versions of 2007 and after, and these files cannot be opened with the old versions of Microsoft Ovi, and for the old versions, which are versions of 2003 and before, their extensions are: (doc, xls, ppt).

Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the programs that is considered a breakthrough in the world of accounts and doing important business. We find a lot of what they work in stock exchange trading or accountants in banks except they use this distinctive program which does a lot of complex calculations that save a lot of time and is also used to save a lot of data numbers the mission.

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