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Hi folks we are back with another Useful in this blog you’ll learn What is Programming Languages.

We all heard about Computer Programming. Nowadays Programming is getting famous lots of students want to become a Computer Programmer, Software Programmer. So today we’ll tell you about Programming.

So lets get started

What is Programming?

Programming is a way to give instructions to your computer to perform variety of tasks.

Example if you want to add two numbers using your computer then you need to write instructions for computer in Specific Language that computer can understand.

In simple words you can also understand Programming as “Problem Solving”. Imagine you are an owner of a company/organisation and you want to store data of your employees and customers but if you store it in any Diary / Register then there is a chance for data missing or damage but you can solve this problem through Programming by Developing a Software or app for your Company/organisation that can store data of employees and customers.

Every task that computer perform are Programmed previously by developers. Without instructions/programming computer can’t do anything. Because computer don’t have brain. Computer have 0 iq.

Through Programming you can make your own websites, apps, games, softwares, Operating System (OS), etc.

You can also do Freelancing work and generate Passive Income if you are good in any Programming Language. If you looking to Learn any Programming Language then i recommend you to learn Python or Java because these two Programming Languages are most demanding programming language these days and also these programming languages is best for Freelancing work.

Introduction To Programming

Programming Languages

There is lots of Languages in whole world. But some Programming Languages are very Popular and demanding for Jobs. Here is some Best and Popular Programming Languages :-

Python Java
JavaScript C
Swift Ruby
Kotlin R

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