What is HTML | Learn HTML From Basics

HTML ( HyperText Markup Language) was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1980. HTML is a client-side Markup Language. You don’t need any additional software to run HTML code you can simply write your HTML code in Notepad with .html extension and run it in Chrome, Firefox or any other browser that you are using.

HTML is a Markup Language that is used for web development. You can use HTML for creating basic web-pages. HTML is a basic language to create the structure of a website if you want to make the website more attractive and beautiful then you need to add CSS and JavaScript.

If you want to learn HTML then you only Need to learn HTML tags because HTML is full of tags. In HTML for every single work, HTML has tags.

For example, if you want to write a paragraph in HTML then you write your paragraph between <p> tag and if you want to write heading then you need to use <h1> tag for headings there are 6 tags in HTML starts from <h1> and ends on <h6>.

Example :-

<p> This is a example of paragraph </p>

<h1> This is a example of Heading /<h1>

Mostly HTML tags have both opening and closing tags.

So always remember if you open any tag ensure that you close that tag at the end.

HTML files are saved with .html extension and HTML files run in Web Browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

For coding in HTML, you can use various text editors like notepad ++, sublime text, visual studio, etc.

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