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What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is a very much popular High-Level and Client-Side Scripting Language. JavaScript is created by Brendan Eich at Netscape in year 1995. Commonly JavaScript uses in Web Development with two other Language 1st one is HTML and 2nd is CSS. HTML and CSS is used for creating basic structure of your website and JavaScript is used for adding designs and animations in website. JavaScript ranked on 1st position in most commonly used programming languages in 2019. You will also learn some JavaScript Tutorials in this Blog Post. You’ll also get solution of Discord Fatal JavaScript Error in this Blog Post.

If you are creating a separate JavaScript File then you need to save it as .js extension. You can write your JavaScript code in Notepad but if you want to make your coding more easy then you can also use some advanced text editor like Sublime Text, Visual Studio, etc. You can also Download Sublime 3 Text Editor from given link.

Download Sublime Text Editor :- https://www.sublimetext.com/download

Game Development

JavaScript is also used in 2D or 3D game development with the help of other platforms. You can also use JavaScript in Game Development. Some of the gaming engines is Matter, Phaser, Babylon and many gaming engines use HTML and JavaScript as game development languages.

Characteristics of JavaScript

Pop-Up Notifications :-

You can show Pop-Ups/alert on websites as notifications through JavaScript for giving messages to your users.

Responsive Designs :-

Through JavaScript statements you can turn your basic website to a responsive website that will load in different layouts as per devices like, laptops, phone, tablet, etc.

Weakly Typed :-

JavaScript is a weakly typed Scripting Language. It means you can directly declare a variable without declaring its datatype (int, char, float). Semicolon is optional in JavaScript, you can also run your code if you didn’t write semicolon.

Client-Side Language :-

JavaScript is a Client-Side Scripting Language it means JavaScript is execute on browser. You don’t need to install any additional software to run JavaScript.

Types of JavaScript

You can implement JavaScript code through 3 types same as CSS.

  1. Inline JavaScript
  2. Internal JavaScript
  3. External JavaScript

Inline JavaScript

In Inline JavaScript you can write your JavaScript Code inside the body of HTML Document using <script> tag. For implement JavaScript in specific part you need to use Inline JavaScript.

Internal JavaScript

You need write your code inside the head of a HTML Document in Internal JavaScript. You need to use <script> tag to write your JavaScript Code. For implement JavaScript in whole page you need to use Internal JavaScript.

External JavaScript

You need to make a separate file of JavaScript Code in External JavaScript and you can link it to HTML Document using <script> and src attribute inside the head of HTML Document. For implement JavaScript in whole webpage or website you need to use External JavaScript.

Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

Hello World! in JavaScript

Run the below code in your browser you get Pop-Up of Hello World! In below Code Inline JavaScript were implemented.

alert('Hello world!');

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Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

If you are getting Discord Fatal JavaScript Error while installing Discord on your Windows Pc then don’t worry from Below mentioned video you can solve Discord Fatal JavaScript Error Easily.

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