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The Java Language used to operate all smart application devices appeared when James Gosling worked to develop and innovate them during his work at Sun Microsystems. The first phase of Java was in 1991 AD when James started it for one of his projects that he was working on, and he called it Firstly with the name (OAK), then he called it (Green), and after that he ended up calling it by its current name (Java), which is not an abbreviation for a specific name or thing, but only a name. The company published the first version of Java in 1995 AD, and in 2006 AD many versions of Java were published free and open source in accordance with the laws of the GNU General Public License (GPL), and in 2007 all Java commands and instructions became free for all.

Characteristics Of The Java Language

The Java language is distinguished from other programming languages ​​in the ease of obtaining it, as it is supportive and directed to entities. It is not difficult for the novice to learn and master it, and it is also easily and easily implementable, and gives web pages the characteristics of sound and movement and many other features, and among these features and characteristics :

Object Oriented: (In English: Object Oriented), the Java language relies on directing objects in writing commands and instructions, which gives it a lot of flexibility and effectiveness.

Platform Independence: (in English: Platform Independent), which means that when writing programs in Java, they are not converted to a specific machine language or to the binary language recognized in the computer. Rather, the program written in Java is distributed via the Internet to be translated and converted through a program called the Java device Virtual (in English: Java Virtual Machine).

Active or dynamic: (in English: Dynamic), Java is characterized by its great effectiveness compared to other programming languages, such as C ++.

Operating Requirements

In order for the user to write programs in the Java language, a number of requirements must be met on the computer to facilitate its work, and these requirements are:

Text editor for writing Java commands and instructions.

Notepad Editor: It is a text editor that is included by default with the Windows system.

Netbeans: It is an open source program for writing and running programs in the Java language.

Eclipse: It is also a program to write Java programs and run them on a computer.

Areas Of Java Use

Java is considered one of the most used languages ​​in the world of programming languages. It is present in almost all software applications, and is considered the backbone of many programs, applications and operating systems. This is mentioned from the areas of its use that it is used in building and creating graphic application interfaces, and in programming mobile applications; It is the backbone of Android, the most popular operating system around the world.

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Keywords: Learn Java | Java Code |  Java Programming | Java Full Course | Java Code

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