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C is a general-purpose high-level programming language that is developed by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1970 in Bell Telephone Laboratories in the USA. C Language is also known as Mother Programming Language. Because it is a Basic Programming Language. Link of C Online Compiler given below.

If you learn C Programming very well then you can learn almost Programming Language easily because the difference in languages is only different Syntax.

C Programming Language is developed for Unix Operating System. Unix Operating System and all Unix applications are also written in C Programming Language.

C Language is a basic programming language also C is a robust language with lots of built-in functions and operators that helps to write complex programs easily. Programs written in C Language are fast and efficient.

c online compiler

C Programming Language is easy to learn the language.

Using C Language you can develop databases software, Operating Systems, Compilers, Graphics Softwares, Games, etc.

Why C

C Programming Language is very important for students and also for professionals who are in the Software development field.

Advantages of C

  • Easy To Learn
  • Procedural and Structured
  • Portable
  • Compiled Language
  • Lots of Inbuilt Functions
  • Free and Open Source

Programming in C

Hello World program in C Language :-

void main(){ 
printf("\n Hello World");

You will get this output from above code :-

Hello World

How to Run C Program

You can’t run C Program without a compiler. There is a lot of software to run a C program like Turbo C++, Visual Studio, etc. All software is available for free you can also run your c program online. If you Beginner then we recommend you use Turbo C++ you can download Turbo C++ software from Below link:-

C Online Compiler :- https://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_c_online.php

Learn how to Make Calculator in C Programming :-https://icontricks.tech/make-calculator-through-c-programming/

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