Google SEO Top 10 Must Learn Tips

The existence of a blog depends on how highly ranked it is. Getting high rank in search engine is not a cup of tea. This requires proper use of keywords, link building and many other things that a blogger should be familiar with. Pay proper attention to writing as well as search engine optimization (SEO) that can bring your blog to a higher level. Here one ten bloggers should learn Google SEO tips to take advantage and enjoy the biggest ranking results.

1. Quality Inbound Links:

We cannot ignore the importance of inbound / incoming links. Undoubtedly, these bloggers help their blogs to rank high in the search engines and earn handsome income from Adsense. Let me tell you that one of your posts is being ranked by PR6 Blog, then chances are that your blog and post will also be ranked high and you will get lots of organic traffic.

2. Quality Backlinks:

I must say that backlinks creation is one that can help you improve your blog ranking and search results. Do your level best to create quality backlinks for every post published on your blog. For this purpose, you can select some blogs with PR 1, 2, 3 to create backlinks, if this is not possible, you can also generate them on PR 6’s blogs and websites to get maximum exposure. can do.

3. Shorter URLs Rre Better:

Either way a blog with a large URL will not be well structured in search engine results. If you are confused about keeping your blog URL short, let me tell you that search engine crawlers have trouble ranking large URLs, rather than prefer and rank short URLs better. This is why, you have to be very careful to avoid poorly structured or long URLs before you lose your blog ranking.

4. Interlinking Of Posts:

To get efficient search results you need to combine your new posts with the old ones. This reduces buoyancy rate by increasing the likelihood of obtaining better search results. Irrelevant negotiations will not be as effective as relevant ones.

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5. Social Media Still Matters: 

Social networks still indirectly play a great role in search engine optimization of the current era, you cannot ignore this trend. Google Hummingbird counts social shares, social likes and other good practices on social media. Google+ is a real-time social platform where you can get more exposure from Google by sharing your posts and interactivity in your posts.

6. Guest Post:

Guest posts are a way to rank your blog by generating quality backlinks. A lot of blogs relevant to your blog niche will definitely facilitate guest posts. You have to choose those that are PR 1 or 2, write guest posts on them and put a direct backlink to your blog within the post. Once it is published, you will get direct organic traffic and a greater chance of increasing your blog ranking.

7. For Participation: 

Participation in forums will also generate quality links to your blog. Search for forums where topics and topics related to your blog niche are being discussed. Become a member of them and participate in the discussion, once you do, put your blog link within your discussion and urge people to see it.

8. Keyword Placement:

As a blogger and Google SEO, it is your responsibility to put keywords properly in every article. Do not over-flood the article with just too many keywords, instead use a single focus keyword and once in the title, description, and content body appropriately.

9. On-page Google SEO:

You need to pay special attention to on-page Google SEO and make sure that your every post on-page Google SEO is satisfactory. When you check with the SEO tool, mark it in green, even if it is yellow or red, something is still missed by you.

10. Article Marketing:

For Google SEO, it is necessary to submit articles to various article directories, where they can get maximum exposure, traffic, and high search engine results.

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