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Tags: Learn Spanish Language | Foreign Language | Learn Chinese/Mandarin Language | Learn German Language | Learn French Language | Learn Japanese Language

Do you know why it is important to learn a foreign language? A foreign language is a language that is spoken in a native country. People learn a foreign language to stay abroad. There are some reasons for learning foreign languages, but the question arises that which foreign languages are easy to learn. This article will tell you the top five in-demand foreign languages and why it is important to learn? Let’s explore this article!

Why Is It Important To Learn A Foreign Language?

People, including travelers, international education experts, traders, program administrators, and jobs, need to learn languages abroad. Besides, Some new job opportunities let the people go out of their country and stay there. In doing a job in foreign countries, Jobians need to interact with other people. Therefore, people need to learn the country’s foreign language where they have to go for a job.

Five “In-Demand” Foreign Languages

There are a lot of foreign languages that are in demand. Some languages are difficult to learn for English speakers but don’t worry! There are also a lot of languages that are easy to learn for traders in India. Take a tinge!

1. Chinese/Mandarin Language

The Chinese language is the dominant foreign language in the global business landscape to strengthen business prospects across the globe. Almost 1197000000 people speak Chinese, out of which 873,000 people speak Mandarin. It’s easy to learn for everyone. If we talk about trade, trade relations between China and India have grown to $84.44 in 2017.

In various sectors such as consumer electronics and automotive, 150+ Chinese companies have invested more than $130  in India. Hence, there are many beneficial employment opportunities in China; you can learn Chinese to get employment there.

2. Spanish Language

Spanish is the second most learning foreign language because 530,000,000 speakers speak it in over 21 countries. After learning Spanish, you may get employment opportunities in various industries such as translation, teaching, travel, interpretation, global business, and communication. Spanish has become the official language taught and learned by different people for employment in foreign countries.

3. German Language

German is the third most popular foreign language taught across the world. Almost 89 to 110 million native people are German. Germany gives many great job bids, estimated as 700,000 jobs for those who strive for employment in the US. Therefore, if you want to get employment across the globe, you can learn the German language.

Learn Some Basic Words Of German :-

4. French Language

It’s the fourth-leading foreign language after German learned worldwide. If you learn French,  you can open many job opportunities and study opportunities at well-known French universities and schools. You may get employment in different industries like fashion, theatre, hotel industry, and visual arts. Over more than 220 million people speak French in five mainlands. Learning French would be proved fruitful for you in terms of trading.

5. Japanese Language

Japanese is also the most widely spoken foreign language after English and Chinese. Over 125 million people speak Japanese in Japan, but it is the most popular language on the internet. Many great Japanese companies like Toshiba, Sony, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Honda have become family names in our countries. Hence this language is very easy to learn for Indians. Japanese enterprises enable to broaden Indian operations with their developed technologies. Hence, learning Japanese opens great opportunities for Indians and others.

Wrap Up:

Learn Spanish Language

To sum up, the main theme of writing this article is to be aware of the topmost foreign language you should learn. Our list of top 5 languages is highly research-based on the internet. We hope this article will help you to choose the right option. Now, you can decide which language you should learn to get employment abroad.

Tags: Learn Spanish Language | Foreign Language | Learn Chinese/Mandarin Language | Learn German Language | Learn French Language | Learn Japanese Language

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