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If digital marketing had not been my field for many years, and a part of my whole life revolved around it, I would have felt just as confused as you when I heard this strange term. “What is digital marketing?” An inquiry that numerous Arab youth have been asking recently and need to know the appropriate response, however maybe not many of them understand that they, somehow, are part of the digital marketing system.

What is digital marketing?

Marketing is as old as time, and it is an essential element for the success of any business regardless of its size and the field to which it belongs, and for decades marketing has been confined to magazines, newspapers and television channels. These were the most advanced and effective marketing channels until the emergence of the Internet and modern technology and everything changed. The era of A new and new concept of marketing called Digital Marketing.

Characteristics & Advantages of Digital Marketing

1- The possibility of direct interaction between the customer and the business

Through marketing, customers can express their desires directly for the organization or business, by responding directly with the marketing elements issued by the organization.

2- The ability to target well

Through what digital marketing enables of accurate data and information about customers, organizations can create accurate targeting that enables them to reach potential customers who can achieve good sales through them.

Through advanced promoting, you can target clients as per many models, including:


    Gender (Male / Female)


    Recent visits to sites.

    Search words.


    The geographical location the customer is in now.

4- The ability to collect and reuse data

Through the advanced technology provided by digital marketing, business owners can collect and keep customer data, and then reuse it again to make distinctive marketing offers, or achieve more sales for the same customers who bought before.

5- The ability to measure results accurately and then make the required

The Most Important Digital Marketing Channels

There are many digital marketing channels. Digital marketing, as we mentioned above, is any marketing process that includes technology, and modern and advanced means of communication. In the section below, we will address a group of the most important and prominent digital marketing channels:

Content Marketing by Creating a Project Website

It is the most important marketing channel in digital marketing for professional institutions, and in it the business owner creates a website that represents the company and contains data and detailed information about what the company offers in terms of products or services, and also creates a blog for the site to present topics in the field in which the business specializes, in order to attract customers They seek to gather information about the subject before making a purchase.

Marketing through Social Media

One of the most important channels that have proven their importance in the last decade in the world of digital marketing. Marketing on social media aims to attract customers and consumers, introduce them to the brand, interact with them, and provide all the data and information they want to obtain about the product or service.

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Keywords: Google Digital Marketing | Digital Garage Google | Google Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Strategy | Google Garage Digital Marketing

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