Different Types of Databases

What is Data?

Collection of Small units of any information is called Data like your Name is a Data and you Age is also a Data. You can say everything you see near you is a Data. Data can be in different forms like Integer, String, Media, etc.

What is Database ?

A Database is a collections of data who are stored in Organised Form. We can store data in form of tables, so that we can access and manage it easily Database is managed through DBMS (DataBase Management System). There is some different Types of Databases is available to use.

Types of Databases

There is 8 Types of Databases Explained Below :-

Centralised Database

When data of different locations/branches/states are stored in only 1 locations/server that is called Centralised Database. Lets learn it with a example :-

Assume, In India 🇮🇳 there is a bank whose name is City Bank and it has total 5 branches in 5 different states Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Gujrat and Goa and its main branch is Delhi branch and the data of all 5 branches are stored in Delhi branch’s server. So that’s called Centralised Database where whole data are is stored in 1 server or computer.

Distributed Database

When data stores on different locations /servers that is called Distributed Database. You can understand it by connecting it to real life example. Assume you have 5 computer and data of every computer is saved in that computer. That is called Distributed Database.

Types of Databases

Cloud Database

An Cloud Database is a type of Database where data stored in virtual environment/computer. We can access it by using Cloud Computing. Some of the best Cloud Service providers are Amazon Web Service(AWS), Microsoft Azure, PhonixNAP, Kamatera, Google Cloud SQL, ScienceSoft, etc.

NoSQL Database

This Database also known as Not Only SQL Database this is used to store large amount of data. NoSQL Database not stored Data only in tuples it can also stores data in different forms. NoSQL Database concept is introduced when demand of modern applications is increased in market like Facebook, Instagram and many other Social Media Platforms.

Relational Database

This is a type of Database where data stored in Tuples in form of row and columns. In this Database Type SQL (Structure Query Language ) is used to perform variety of options for managing databases.

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