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Cyber Security – Knowing the meanings of terms in any field is a basic knowledge. Therefore, the study of domains begins with multiple definitions that require memorization.

The matter does not stop at memorizing the definitions, but knowing the terminology qualifies you to understand the speech of the experts and introduces you to the atmosphere of the conversation of the professionals of the profession.

Especially in the field of information security, which is relatively recent, as the terms are not defined precisely and the difference still exists in them.

Information Security Overview

Information security is one of the rapidly developing fields, and its importance is growing not at the speed of a missile, but at the speed of light.

Your mind, when talking about information security, might go to thinking about hackers and thieves of security cards and user passwords … isn’t it?

I’ll tell you in a moment why this thinking is not quite correct.

Because of the technological boom in our time, many processes have been automated that required the information to be electronic, and because of the recent existence of electronic information, the electronic protections were not strong enough to protect it from hackers.

After each of the hacking operations affecting information security, the interest in information security increases, its development increases, and the means of protecting information increases.


Where was this information before the existence of the Internet? Or let us ask another question .. Was there information before the existence of the Internet?

Certainly, this information was on paper, stored in the archive offices of every institution or company, and at the same time the archive, its organization and protection was of utmost importance.

Don’t you think securing this archive was very important to institutions? Wasn’t the loss of a paper as effective as the loss of electronic information? Or was the amendment to the archived information and its falsification not as effective as the amendment to the electronic information?

These facts lead you to the conclusion that information wherever it is “electronic or paper” needs to be protected. Therefore, talking about information security does not depend on protecting information electronically only, but extends it to protecting information in its traditional systems or wherever it is.

Cybersecurity Profile

The word cyber makes you feel dark and vague, perhaps because it is a new word. So that you feel some familiarity with it, know that you can replace it with the word “electronic” completely freely.

When you say cybersecurity, you are talking about cybersecurity.

Electronic security concerns the security of everything related to electronics. It may be the security of your car or your washing machine in the lobby of the house or even the security of the radio station waves that you were enjoying through your favorite program.

Electronics of different types, this definitely implies that the methods of securing these electronics are different. Wireless network security is different from information systems security, which in turn differs from systems security, which is different from Internet of things security.

Of all kinds, cybersecurity is about protecting cyber, whether it is related to information or not.

Oh, I realized now that we didn’t touch the word cyber ..

First . Adding the word cyber to anything else that gives it an electronic meaning, such as cyber-security, which means cyber security, and cyber-attack, which means cyber attacks.

cyber security

Points of intersection of information security with cybersecurity

From talking about information security and cybersecurity, you find that there are points of intersection between the two fields. These points of intersection are used by some as an excuse and an excuse to use one of the two phrases in place of the other.

The fields of information security and cyber security intersect with regard to the security of “cyber” electronic information.

Cyber ​​security takes care of the security of everything that exists in the cyber, including “information security,” while the field of information security is concerned with the security of information, even if it is on the cyber.

What is the difference between information security and cybersecurity

Despite the aforementioned intersection between the two fields, there are fundamental points of difference between the two fields.

From our previous conversation between Galen, you can notice the following differences:

Cyber ​​security is concerned with the security of everything that is on the cyber without the security of information, while information security is not concerned with that.

 Information security is concerned with the security of “paper” physical information while cybersecurity is not concerned with that.


The relationship between information security and cyber security is the intersection in terms of interest in the security of cyber information, and they differ in the remaining interests. Be aware … at the same time, you cannot use information security and CyberSecurity as two terms completely synonymous.

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Keywords: Computer Security | Information Security | Cyber Suraksha | Firewall in Cyber Security | IT Security | Cybersecurity For Beginners | Computer Security | Cybersecurity For Beginners | Cyber Suraksha

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