5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python Programming

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Python History

The Python Programming Language is a high level programming language that is developed by Guido van Rossum in late 1980 at CWI in Netherlands for Software Development. 2.7 and 3.7 are two most popular versions of python.

1. Easy To Learn

Python is Easy To Learn Programming Language. Syntax in Python Programming is very short and simple. Even Python Programming is much easier compare to C Programming. So you can Learn Python Programming easily even online. Nowdays is Python is a top level programming language. Python is more popular in compare of Java because of its short and easy syntax.

2. Great Carrier

There is high demand of Python Programmers in IT Industry at high Pay Scale. If you know Python Programming you can get job in IT Industry easily or you can also earn via Freelancing work.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is growing day by day. In Artificial Intelligence there is also need of Python Programmers this the also a great Carrier Opportunity to make your carrier in Artificial Intelligence industry as a python programmer.

4. Web Development

Python is also a Scripting Language and its also used in Web Development for making websites attractive. You can also make your carrier in Web Development as Python Programmer in Web Development Field.

5. Open Source & Cross Platform

Python works on almost all Platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS. The best part of Python is that it is a Open Source Programming Language. Python is also a Free Programming Language. You can do your Python Programming in any software like Visual Studio, PyCharm, etc.

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